Whether you have PCOS

Whether you're trying to conceive, have pcos, or wild hormones post pregnancy: whatever your need, join my free facebook community for all things hormonal health and healing! 

Why I created this resource for you and why it's important to join:

A big part of my health journey has been overcoming PCOS by learning and implementing the many nuances that help support a healthy body and combat PCOS symptoms.


As I began my trying-to-conceive journey in 2017, I shared my story on social media and had an overwhelming response from friends who also had PCOS and wanted to connect. There are so many things I've learned and coached other women with PCOS to help you lead the healthiest life possible. However it took me years of experimenting, along with a lot of failures, to find the most impactful and doable aspects. My goal for this community is to share with you and make it far more simple and impactful to you than struggling along alone as you may be right now.

As I began to join TTC Facebook groups, I was quickly discouraged by how much negativity was flowing through the newsfeed. While exciting and fun, it can also be a scary time for many women. I love the idea of sharing concerns and fears with in a group, but I didn't want to be part of a community that was a free for all to rant. 

I was also concerned at the random health and supplement recommendations being tossed around on the pages. Again I love that we can all share whats worked for ourselves, but as a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach I am very aware of how "one mans medicine is another mans poison". In other words, what you may need may not be what the next woman needs and time, money, and health can be wasted or compromised with the wrong arbitrary suggestions.

My second goal for this community is to filter some of the negativity and questionable information you may be exposed to in other groups.

So while the need for this group relates to my own experience with PCOS and TTC, I have coached many women for many years on general hormonal health. The content is not limited to but is ideal for women ttc, with pics, pre during and post-natal, and any other area you can see yourself needing hormonal support in!

Who this group is for:

_-A woman with PCOS who IS NOT trying to conceive. 

_-A woman with PCOS who IS trying to conceive.

_-A woman trying to conceive who does not have PCOS.

- Someone looking for expert nutrition and health advice as it relates to  hormones. 

- Someone looking for a monitored community to support them in their journey.

 - A 40 minute recorded coaching call by me, outlining the top things to focus on in your nutrition and supplementation.

 - Weekly supplement recommendations always being added.

 - Recipes friendly for combatting PCOS and for those TTC.

 - Coaching  for health weight loss.

 - Examples of what I personally eat (especially helpful if you're a visual learner).

 - Grocery shopping lists for TTC and PCOS friendly foods.

 - Newsfeed full of positivity and inspiration (aka no debbie downers and field full of unrelated content you need to weed through).

Perks of this group:

Watch my PCOS story and make sure to go to my full YoutTube channel for more of my TTC series and other valuable health coaching content! 


Join the community now!

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Kate C.

Kate struggled with PCOS for years. When she finally conceived she called me saying "if this test is true its thanks to you". Of course said "no, it's your body which is the miracle. i just gave you some helpful tools and support".

Brandi P.

 After 3 beautiful boys, Brandi will have her baby girl! As soon as her Facebook live gender reveal announced the sex of the baby, she messaged Sarah " Your advice (for timed conception) worked!"