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Pinpoint both your entire fertile window and your ovulation easily with out expensive opks, to achieve pregnancy quickly.

Avoid pregnancy naturally, with 100% certainty and no contraceptives.

Monitor your hormonal health, information to consider for your weight and health goals.

........ This quick and easy online course is the perfect tool.

Trying to avoid pregnancy and using an app to track when you ovulate? You’re playing with fire girl! Every woman’s body ovulates at different times. Those apps assume you ovulate day 14. For the 6 months I tracked before I got pregnant this past February, I ovulated on day 18 three different times, and some months it was a random day 16 or 14. Fun fact, sperm can live up to 5 days in fertile cervical fluid, so if you miscalculate (like using the old school natural family planning “rhythm method”, or your app) don’t be surprised if you get 2 pink lines! 😵👶🏼 On that note of cervical fluid, how many couples spend months and months of heart aches and stress trying to conceive and have no idea that the presence and quality of the woman’s cervical fluid is just as important to conceiving as the sperm and egg are?! It breaks my heart hearing of couples trying and having such a hard time not knowing anything is wrong. Testimony: a friend I coached with this tracking method had spent months ttc, once we evaluated some signs it was clear something was amiss. She since sought a drs help w her hormones and is back on track ttc. This saved her months and months of disappointment expecting it to happen not knowing why it wasn’t.


Let’s talk about birth control. I personally never wanted to put synthetic chemicals in my body to alter my natural process. A lot happens in your body through out the month aside from just those pesky 4-5 days of bleeding. And the signs you learn to track can tell you a lot about not just achieving or avoiding pregnancy but you’re over all health. I personally don’t like the idea of masking them. I’d rather identify the problem like an irregular or overly heavy period, and then adjust my lifestyle to regulate my health.


Hormonal health, have you ever noticed you're ravenous and crave more salty, fatty, or sugary foods during certain times of the month, and it's not just the days of your period? This has to do with the rise and fall of certain hormones. Learning this cycle and knowing where you are at in it each day can help you make healthier choices, and give grace to yourself when needed.


Point being, learning how to track your cycle can make conceiving easier, avoiding pregnancy naturally to be more accurate, simply feeling in control of your body, and you'll find many more benefits as you begin tracking your cycle!

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