Quality Family Time 

Through years of personal development, self experimenting, coaching hundreds of clients, and my education at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I have defined several profound yet simple tools to use in creating a balanced healthy prosperous life. My goal as a coach is to help you learn ways to deal, not just dictate information to you. I know this is key to  developing a sustainable way to live. Its more about transformation than information! Here are just some of the unique tools you’ll benefit from.



Soul Food: What feeds your Soul? 

There’s more than just what we put into our mouth that feeds us! Taking inventory of your life and your “soul foods” is an important part of finding happiness, a key to breaking addictions, and an underutilized concept for those trying to live a fulfilling life.

Consider this story:

Mary has a sugar addiction and finds herself binge eating in the evening. Sure we can discuss ways to get off the sugar, how to purge her pantry of the junk, and replace it with better choices. But what if she has a toxic job environment? The stress building all day long is causing her brain to scream out chemically “give me those feel good drugs!!!”. And because its fact that sugar is more addictive than cocaine, what wouldn't Mary binge when she gets home?

Or, what if thats not the problem, but she is feeling unfulfilled in her marriage. Don’t you think that if she came home and spent some quality time on the coach holding hands and catching up with her husband, the pantry wouldn't be calling her name?

Coaching is necessary in these situations. Mary may have no idea of how her soul foods relate to her health issues.

And if/when she does, its not like she can force her relationship into a 180 nor can she just quit her job.


Take a moment to think about your own personal goals. Now consider some of these goal foods and how they may relate to your goals.


-Spirituality or the feeling of a higher purpose. 

-Fulfilling career/job or your passion project. 

-Healthy relationships with family, friends, coworkers and anyone else in your life. 

-Appreciating your body's ability and using it to its full potential a.k.a. moving your body or physical exercise.


These are just some of your soul foods. They are all closely linked to our overall health, because our health and lives are made up of more than just one thing. It's like a pie, we need to balance all pieces to have a whole (holistic) pie.  I believe a holistic approach is key. 

It's important to develop a mind-body connection as you discover what your particular needs are- nutritionally as well as within the soul food categories. This awareness allows you to start understand how the outside world affects you. With this enlightenment and empowerment you can take steps to create lasting change once and for all.

Awareness is key because we can't change something if we aren't even aware of it and how it affects us.

As you can imagine this may be a slower process which is why we say this is not an overnight fix. It's a process in the journey but you won't be alone. You'll have me as a guide who is been there already and can help you over the hills and pitfalls.

You can move forward with clarity. And isn't that what we all are seeking in life? To know what is best for us personally, to walk our own path with freedom from second guessing and doubt. Do you know what steps to take next? To make decisions with ease -saving yourself time, energy and possibly Heartache?