Vasectomy Reversal Surgery after 19 years!?

February 6, 2018

I felt called to document the process of my husbands reverse vasectomy surgery as I was doing research for it and realized not many couples had done so, at least on youtube. So part of my trying to conceive video series started out with the consultation and surgery day videos of Clarks surgery. 

Here is my youtube channel series where you can find the videos:


A little back story about me and Clark:

We got married 3/3/15 but spoke long before that about how we both wanted children together despite our 24 year age difference. He has 4 children from his previous marriage and had his vasectomy after his youngest was born, 19 years ago.


We have always agreed that our relationship comes first, with or with out our own kids together. Our faith in God and His plans for us relieved a lot of fear that would have been expected with our unique situation. 


Around our two year wedding anniversary we felt God working on our hearts to pursue growing our family. I personally wasn't "quite ready" for pregnancy in that moment but wanted to learn all that I could about vasectomy reversal so we could prepare and time for it appropriately. 


After tons of googling online, I felt pretty confused about several details when it came to this process.

This was initially why I grabbed my camera, to capture some of the answers. The first video I recorded was the " Vasectomy Reversal Consultation":

Watch the video for most of the info but I am writing this blog to highlight and supplement some of the info I wish had been clear when I was doing my research.

Keep in mind that all of my input here is specific to the doctor and procedure center we went to. This information will vary depending on who you go to.

Here is the Dr and facility we visited and ultimately chose to have the surgery done with:


What I really wanted answers on were these:

- Does length of time since reversal matter? No.

- How much does the surgery cost? Roughly $10k. There was financing options available.

- What is the average success rate? Again this varies with each doctor. Ours, Dr Boyle, has a success rate of over 80% 

- What is the healing time? 1 week complete rest, and one month of limited activity ( I described this more in the video).

- How quickly does sperm return? It could take 6-8 months to have normal sperm count, although it could return immediately. We scheduled our surgery 6+ months prior to when we decided we would start trying to conceive. Follow the video series to find out clarks results!


One of the most important things I want to highlight as a determining factor to schedule with Dr. Karen Boyle was that she was trained and prepared to perform a "epididymovasostomy". If there was a situation where a traditional vasectomy reversal procedure ( "vasovasectomy" ) was not possible, Dr Boyle could still create a successful reattachment. Read more about this at her site:


Thank God this was available because as you'll see in the "Surgery Day Vlog", Clark did require this one of the two sides.


Thats all for this vlog post but feel free to reach out via the contact page of my site, comment on the youtube videos, and join my trying to conceive health coaching community for support and health tips! 


I'm so grateful we found Dr Boyle and the team she works with. I am so blessed to have such a loving husband. We've worked very hard at building a healthy marriage and I am so pleased with how far we have come. He really is amazing. He is an amazing dad already and God willing will be for our children together too. <3


Health and Blessings,

Sarah Adams





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