Seed cycling for hormone balance!?!?

January 23, 2018


Seed cycling is exactly what it sounds like.

You are cycling seeds thorough out your hormonal cycle.

Whether you experience cramps, pain, bloating, and moodiness (dysmenorrhea), have PCOS, or are trying to conceive, integrating seed cycling into your diet is a very easy but impactful thing to do for your hormonal health.



My goal is always to deliver info that will make the most impact in the easiest way, so in this brief article I am going to cover not just the basics but the most important things you need to know to get started and find success. I will cover a little bit of the science behind what seed cycling is, what seeds to consume when, and a buying guide for the best quality, lowest investment, with options to fit your taste preferences.

As you may be starting to understand, food is medicine. Each clean whole food and plant has properties to support the body and its function in one way or another.

So while "seed cycling" may sound a little far fetched, it simply makes sense that supplying certain seeds, aka certain nutrients, during particular times during the cycle, is effective in nurturing healthy hormones.


There are two main phases of the menstruation cycle:

Phase 1: From the time menstruation starts until ovulation. The production of estrogen is essential during this phase. Phase 1 begins on the first day of menstruation and lasts until you ovulate, which is around 14 days but differs from women to women and often cycle to cycle for a single woman. ** If you do not know the day you ovulate, for the purpose of seed cycling, it is fine to get started, assuming day 14 is the day you ovulate. I do highly suggest you enroll in my "Cycle Tracking Course" to determine your ovulation day.


Phase 2: From ovulation until menstruating. Progesterone is being made and utilized during this 2nd phase. Phase 2 is from when you ovulate, until the day your menstruation starts. 

Seed cycling works to benefit the regularity and health of the entire cycle. 

How it works is the "lignans" found in seeds, are polyphenols aka antioxidants that help reduce levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol. They also help support the immune system, and chemically assist in aiding our receptor sites for the hormones to do their job during each phase. Additionally the fatty acids of the seeds support the each phase of the cycle to synthesize the hormone balance we are needing.


What seeds to eat:



Every day consume:

1-2 Tablespoons of ORGANIC, RAW and GROUND FLAX seeds, PUMPKIN seeds, CHIA seeds, or any combination of the three. These seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acid.


Also every day during this phase,  take Evening Primrose Oil (EPO). It has been shown to help in the production of fertile cervical fluid, an important factor when trying to conceive. EPO should only be taken from menstruation to ovulation, as EPO may cause uterine contractions. Be sure to consume a high quality oil. I’ve included one in the buying guide below.



Every day consume:

1-2 Tablespoons of ORGANIC, RAW and GROUND SESAME and/or SUNFLOWER seeds. These seeds are high in omega 6 fatty acid.


Also every day during this phase, take Fish Oil to supplement the important essential fatty acids. Be sure to consume a high quality oil. I’ve included one in the buying guide below.


How to prepare and consume them:


Ground, fresh, and raw!


It is important to grind the seeds to ensure the lignans are adequately available and




can be absorbed by your intestines so the nutrients can be used. In the buyers guide, I have included as many options I could that were already ground. Invest in a coffee grinder or my most favorite mini blender to grind your own seeds, which are both linked in the tool kit below. Once opened (pre-ground packages) or freshly ground yourself, store the ground seeds (in an air tight container if not in resealable bag), in the refrigerator so the integrity of the oils within can stay fresh and effective.


The easiest way to eat them is on salads or smoothies, or as a snack, seeing that the raw aspect is so important. Do not heat them. The consistency of consuming the seeds daily is important, as we are going for balance here. Commit to 90 days of constancy, although results may be immediate. 


Buying guide:


As mentioned, ground seeds are best. In the tool kit, I have included already ground seeds as well as two grinder devices if you prefer to make them at home.


It is also important to get the best products you can afford. The point here is to supply your body with healthy fats and other nutrients to fight the negative effects our diet and environment has on us like exposure to toxins. Using seeds and oils as clean, organic, and potent as possible is important. 


In the online shopping kit I have prepared, I have analyzed and chosen based on a high level in quality as well as affordability and convenience. When investing in your products, remember that first of all, you’re investing in yourself and you deserve this self care. Also remember that seeds are food, which you’ll be spending this money on food either way this month. Purchasing a few items from this kit may be an investment up front but you’ll be well stocked for many weeks to months. You’ll find options as low as under $10, some with free shipping available.

Access the best seed cycling tools here:


A few closing thoughts:


Seed cycling is just one tool to use to help your hormones, and it can’t always out weigh negative dietary choices and environmental exposures. Click here to follow me on Youtube and Facebook for a ton more nutritional tips like this one. If you are serious about improving your health, I would love to connect with you for a free 15 minute call to talk about your goals and road blocks so I may suggest some more things to help you on your journey. Contact me.


Join my Hormonal Health Coaching Facebook Page.


Lastly share this with a friend or family member you think may benefit.


Keep me posted if you've tried this and how it is going! I would love to hear from yo! Comment on any social media page or drop me an email!


Health and Blessings,

Sarah Adams

Certified Health and Life Coach 











( Content adapted from a fellow health practitioners blog )

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