Crock Pot Guide

November 28, 2017

I am crock pot OBSESSED.

I think because I don't enjoy cooking anything with more than 5 steps and less than 10 ingredients.

Or maybe because of how stressless they make cooking.

In any case, I highly suggest you take a look at this crock pot guide. They have come a long way, offering not just a variety in shapes size and color, but also functionality.

Decide which one will make a great addition to your home to make living a healthy life, not just doable, but enjoyable!

Click on the name or image of each crock to access it on Amazon!




The mini crock:  

For just over $10, this little mini is must have. Perfect for singles, or a couple, you don't have to wrestle a larger crock. But my persona fave for this is to keep dips, sauces, and fondues warm. Melt chocolate paired with fruit for a date night, keep your thanksgiving gravy warm until ready to serve, or through together a soup serving one for a night in watching netflix.








The all in one crock:

Like the oh so popular Insta Pot, this crock pot does it all including the traditional slow roast. Speed cook pulled chicken in under 20 minutes, make hard boiled eggs that pop right out of the shell, cook your quinoa, and salute veggies all with one device! If this isn't on your friends wedding registry, get it for them anyways because this is a device you'll use for life! 











The to-go/ timer crock:

This crock is an upgrade to the classic. They've included a digital timer, that goes from 30 minutes to 20 hours! You can watch it countdown so you know exactly how long is left, and it automatically switches over to warm when it ends. 

The latch locking lid featuring lid gasket provides extra seal for less mess on-the-go. Perfect for taking your meal to a party whether you're just walking it down to a neighbor or taking it in the car over the hills and through the woods. Its ideal for tailgating too.





The buffet crock set:

Three small (2.5 quart) crocks in one sleek looking unit. I love the size, its long and thin so it fits easily on the counter behind other items when having a potluck or buffet. The options to have up to three mini crocks is perfect for when serving several sides. Example: when I am having a Mexican cuisine family dinner, refried beans, rice, and enchilada sauce go in each mini crock. During our thanksgiving feast, green beans, corn, and gravy take their turns in there, ensuring they stay hot while the turkey is being carved.

Use one, two, or all three at at time. They are each controlled by their own individual knob with settings of warm, low and high. The lid holder attachments save space on the counter and avoid mess while serving.




Last but certainly not least.....


The casserole crock:

Growing up in a family of 6 kids, my mom was notorious for one skillet meals. I'd imagine avoiding all the extra dishes and time it takes to make several sides saved her a ton of energy. While i don't have 6 kids for an excuse, who doesn't want to save on time and dishes!? This casserole crock takes the classic to a whole new level. long ago are the days when a one pot meal was limited to soups, soups, and more soups. Like the "to-go timer" one mentioned above, this casserole crock has the same upgrade features of the locking lid and up to 20 hour timer. However the problem with the deep and narrow traditional crocks is its difficult to cook a meal such a lasagna or quiche. Use this crock to make any casserole, meal, or dessert you would typically put in a baking dish like bread pudding or even a cake!

But as always, its still versatile. I like to organize the dark meat of my turkey at one end and the light meat at the other when I want to prep my turkey a head of time. It's also ideal for serving chicken drumsticks or buffalo wings. Again, use the length of this crock to make the left half one seasoning flavor and the right half another.




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Happy cooking!

Health & Blessings, 

Sarah Adams

Certified Health & Success Coach



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