Must haves for your Black Friday/ Christmas list!

November 22, 2017

So much stuff, so little money and space. Why fill your home with more clutter and things to collect dust. It's just going to cause feelings of guilt, stress and overwhelm. So when it comes to shopping this season, make healthy choices for sanity sake.

Anything I am recommending is sure to be useful and impactful. Here are my top must haves from a BALANCED REALISTIC MINIMALIST health coach!!!

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1. No Name Brand Insta Pot: This thing does it all! Cook shredded chicken in 15

 minutes, hard boiled eggs with out boiling water, slow cook, fast cook, the possibilities are endless. I choose this no name brand to save on cost BUT also because you can choose either the 6, 10, or 12 liter size! Look up "instapot" on pinterest and you'll see that everyone and their mother is using these, and like a crock pot, they won't go out of fashion.







2. Paleo Insta Pot Cook Book: While there are tons of free recipes out there, I love having a resource like this that I know

 everything in it is healthy (assuming you aren't vegan, this should suit your needs). While you don't have to "be paleo", you can typically see that these recipes come from clean whole food sources, are pretty easy as far as ingredients, and of course combined with the "No Name Insta Pot", they are sure to be convenient.









3. Nutribullet/ Vitamix combo: With so many blenders out there how do you know whats best for you. Here's why this one is my absolute fave! I had the Vitamin which can run you almost half a GRAND new, and a single attachment can be around $100. While they are amazing and a select few will require the powerhouse behind these things, I and probably many other people who bought one, was grossly underutilizing them. I also had a small magic bullet which I use 2x a day making my and hubby breakfast superfood shakes. However blending shakes and crashing ice was about all it was good for. I love that this product is like if the two had a baby! Blending the options like varying speed and feeding from the top as a vitamix, but the compact size and pretty silver color of the smaller self serve blender, makes this two in one a win for me! PS- Bulletproof coffee drinkers, don't ever try blending hot coffee. It will make quite a mess! I hated cleaning the huge vitamin just for one cup of joe. This is also ideal for you coconut oil blended caffeine drinkers!


4. Posture Band: I sit at a desk a lot during my day and I suspect its's a good chance you do as well. If not perhaps you're in a position of looking down over your work space such as a chef or esthetician. As a retired massage therapist of 9 years I can tell you majority of chronic back and shoulder pain came from the tension in the muscles from so many long hours trying to sustain good posture. I love this band bc its very thin compared to some of the bulky bra like contraptions available. I can easily conceal it under a jacket and to be honest I don't really even care if someone notices it beach it looks very sporty vs a medical type designed one. You can easily stop it in a desk drawer, brief case, or purse. This one also comes with a few exercises it can be used for too! 


5. The 5 Love languages Book: I preach balance in our soul foods, the other things in

 life that feed us other than food. So when it comes to loving relationships and healthy communication, this is by far my fave book! I recommend it to anyone and everyone because all humans and any relationship type is going to be effected by these love languages. Quality time, gift giving, words of affirmation, physical touch, and acts of service: which language are you speaking? Perhaps you and your significant other are trying to say the same thing but you speak French and they speak German... you can imagine how important understanding each others language would be!

This book is an easy read, and has been extremely foundational for me in my closest relationships.


6. High Performing Habits Book: The author Brendon Burchard is one of the worlds most influential Success Coaches, working with the likes of Oprah! He studied high

performers (people who perform significantly compared to the average populous), and put together this book which outlines and inspires you to take on the habits of the most successful! Jan 1st, new years resolutions are just around he corner. I can't think of a better piece of content to help you start the year of right! 

Not a book reader? Order it now and sign up to become a lifer in my Lifestyle Coaching VIP Community! We do a book club: sounds corny right? But seriously, personal development is one of your most valuable yet under utilized gifts to yourself! As always, one of the perks of being part of this community is that I will cut to the chase for you so it will be impactful but brief! You’ll basically get to consume the cliff notes version, bc our lifers are notorious for “not having the time to read”. High Performing Habits is Januarys book club pick!


7. Blue Light Blockers: I haven't had to wear glasses since I got Lasik 10 years ago!

 Surprisingly I found these to be extremely comfortable and I take pride in wearing them in the evenings at home, knowing all the health benefits. Wether you're a gamer, youtube junkie, are catching up to your phone, or a netflix binge, all of these screens are emitting harmful lights. Using these glasses often will help you get a more restful sleep, and reduce dry eye,  fatigue, blurred vision, and soreness. For how cheap they are I figured why not give it a go, and I am super happy I did! PS they come in several colors!


8. Winter Blues Light Therapy: Many people experience seasonal depression. Due to the dramatic degrease in natural sunlight exposure, plummeting energy, weight gain, depression, and mood swings can occur. Turning on a compact little machine such as this each day for small amount of time in the evening can make a big impact not just on how you or your gift recipient may be feeling. The ripple effect in productiveness and mood enhancement is truly a gift that will keep giving, and in that way I say it's worth every penny!




9. Natural Hand Sanitizer Stocking Stuffer: I love putting useful little tools such as this in

ones stocking or gift bag, and tis the season for germs! But do remember that our skin is an organ, and chemicals applied to ones hands can reach your liver in up to 7 minutes! Make the switch to an alcohol free, natural sanitizer such as this. Its also cost effective as one bottle has over 4x the usage of traditional hand sanitizers of the same size bottle.







 10. Foam Roller Bundle: I use these tools 4-5x a week. Whether your a body builder, a weekend warrior, a yogi, or coach potato, tight sore muscles are bound to occur. I can

truly attest after YEARS of using these items through all different types of sports, a physical job ( massage therapy) and now a desk job as a health coach, incorporating just a few minutes into your day and week could be transformational for you! And this bundle in particular is dirt cheap. I love the size and design of the roller, I love that there are color options, you or your gift recipient will be thanking me for this recommendation!


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