Easy Health Hacks To Lighten Up Your Holidays

November 20, 2017


We totally anticipate and expect feeling terrible after eating a holiday meal!! Why is that?!?

1. It's often not because we over ate, it's because of WHAT we ate.


Decide to make some healthy swaps in your recipes to lighten not just the calories and fat gaining repercussions, but to also feel good and guilt free when its all said and done.


Perhaps you're thinking well what fun is that!? Just consider that you can have all the food items and as much as you want, if you follow these few simple substitutes. 


Yes you CAN have butter, salt, and all the other flavorful things you're afraid will make our plate taste like cardboard otherwise. The trick is to serve them on the side that people can add as they wish. This way those ingredients hit your tongue and a little goes a long way, vs being saturated throughout, requiring heaps more to be incorporated to taste them! This is what we call a "#HealthHack"!



Broth/ stock: Use this to moisten your stuffing instead of butter. Also substitute it for the milk in your mashed potatoes. Choose veggie broth instead of turkey to accommodate your #Vegan or #Vegetarian friends and family.


Full Fat Canned Coconut Milk: another great substitute where butter or dairy is being called for With such a light flavor, seasoning the dish well will cover any evidence you made the swap and your guest don't have to know!


See these recipes for some lighter versions of old classics and how they make ingredient substitutions! 


2. Perhaps you're not cooking and can't control any of the ingredients. Check out this 5 minute video to set your MINDSET up for success as well as how to "pick your poison"! Make sure to subscribe and press the little bell symbol, so you get all of my up coming free health coaching videos. Click Here.


3. The last hack I have for you is to suggest utilizing Daily Intermittent Fasting! SOOOOO many health benefits go into this from fat loss, muscle gain, improved brain function, detoxing, and more. It's my go to nutrition plan during the holidays because you can eat what you want during your "feeding window", avoiding feelings of deprivation and fear of "cheating". Learn more about intermittent fasting here.

Join my Lifestyle Coaching VIP Community at BecomeALifer.com to be part of our Fasting challenge during the month of December. If you're serious, you can also request a free 15 minute consultation at my website to ask questions and find out if his is a fit for you! Read more at BecomeALifer.com




Hope to see you on Youtube and within our private community. Happy Thanksgiving! 



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