June 6, 2017

Everyone spending so much on the outside to look younger, but Becky proves taking care of yourself from the inside out is the real fountain of youth!

No that's not her daughter on the right, that's her 7 years later!!!! 😵😵😵

Becky writes:

"When I was in my 20's man did I dread the horrible number......30!!! It actually depressed me greatly when I hit 30, minus the fact that my girl friend and I had one heck of a party for our 30th, but.....My first photo was me at 30. I was by no means over weight, but I was so incredibly drained and it showed in my face. I was yo-yo dieting and it caused my body so much harm. Now, today here I am almost 37 years old and I welcome my 40's with open arms because I'm healthy and happy and it shows in my face. Once I started my superfood nutritional program I had found the fountain of youth!!!"

Who else is up for looking and feeling younger!?

#nutritionNotDeprivation #certifiedHealthCoach#mytribe #JoinUs



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