May 14, 2017


#SuccessStorySunday shout out goes to one of my team mates, Jim Bull! Jim had several business achievements in the past two weeks. He accredits them to his own personal transformation and his consistency to sharing the message to inspire others.
Jim was one of our winners for last falls Fit and Lean Challenge! I adored all of Jims face book live videos in the private group, where he was constantly uplifting others.
He's a good example of the power of community. Being part of a community with similar goals, hopes, and dreams to succeed is invaluable. One of the things I love most about our community: because many people don't have others in their day to day surroundings that would be considered their "support system", they have access 24/7 to inspirations like Jim.
Consider for yourself if you are surrounding yourself with like minded people that match the goals and lifestyle you are working for!
Contact me to talk about your goals and to learn more about our community and how Jim got such great transformational results! 🙌😎
#nutrition #lifestyle #certifiedhealthcoach


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