New year resolution, fit in your reading and gym time.

December 27, 2016


With all the options of New Year resolutions, I would think fitting in more exercise and reading more/ personal development could fall in the top 10!


 Here's a novel idea and quite a health hack: commit to both at the same time! Invest as little as $10-25 a month in a gym membership and GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to use it if for nothing else, as a way to get your daily reading in!


Set a goal, perhaps just 3 days a week, to make it there. Walking on the treadmill while reading for 30 minutes will make the time fly and most likely you'll end up walking even longer. Doesn't sound like much right? You're going to feel so accomplished!  You may even start to pick up some weights or join a class eventually. Don't under estimate what the addition of 3+ days of walking can do for your health no matter what level you're at now. And the commitment to the gym time as a way to fit in your reading will put a real dent in your "to read list".


Keep your eyes peeled, a new program for health hacks, time savers, and book clubs is coming soon!


Health and Blessings,

Sarah A.

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