Through years of personal development, self experimenting, coaching hundreds of clients, and my education at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I have defined several profound yet simple tools to use in creating a balanced healthy prosperous life. My goal as a coach is to help you learn ways to deal, not just dictate information to you. I know this is key to  developing a sustainable way to live. Its more about transformation than information! Here are just some of the unique tools you’ll benefit from.

No Dogma Dieting

I came up with this saying because I was so tired of seeing others fail in the attempts to get healthier because of rigid RULES. 

The goal is to take all the stress and guilt out of dieting because it's not a diet. You are simply finding your healthiest and happiest eating patterns.

My own personal experiences brought me to start practicing no dogma dieting without really realizing what it was several years ago.

As you get to know me you'll know that I love peanut butter. I just feel like life is better with peanut butter!

BUT along the way I found that the Paleo way of eating worked really well for my body. Yet peanut butter is a no-no in Paleo. What people most often do is say “Well this part and this part of the diet that I am attempting right now is great but this part and this part don't work for me so this must not be the diet for me”. They through all the good stuff that came along with that dietary theory out with what didn't suit them. 

To me - that's madness. The standard paleo diet didn't suit my need for joy (peanut butter) in my life. What's the point of being unhappy and feeling restricted for health purposes if you are unhappy? That's like seeing a super healthy person with depression. It just doesn't make sense. 

Neither does allowing one "rule" that you have in your head ruin the rest of you attempts at health. 

You think I am exaggerating about he peanut butter. Ok maybe just a touch, but consider the effects:

For example I have a friend that I worked with and found she wasn't allowing herself to have one of her greatest pleasures in life, a nice cuppa coffee in the morning, because of the new diet she had started. She believed the creamer would ruin her diet. But because she wasn't having her cup of coffee she was irritable with her family and co workers, and couldn't concentrate at work.  She found herself spiraling throughout the day with different feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and experiencing cravings she would never normally feel. Instead of ending the day feeling proud of herself, she ended the day with a bowl of ice cream to soothe her emotions and cravings. All because of 40 calories worth of creamer. 

To me, that's living in a world of made up rules that drives you insane, and achieve the exact OPPOSITE of what your intention was - to gain control, get healthier and happier! 

To prove my point, here’s one more scenario: 

Have you experienced or heard about a person on an “Atkins Diet”? The person is told a high-protein diet is the way to health. A weeks later you find them eating plates of bacon and other heavily lard laden foods because they are "high in protein”. I think they missed the mark don’t you?


So I say why throw the baby out with the bath water? If a few aspects of a dietary theory work for you incorporate them into your life, if a few aspects of the dietary theory don't work for you, then feel free to dismiss them. 

Yes, you do need guard rails in life in regards to nutrition, and we will talk about them and what is best for you.


So I'm here to act as a guide and a bumper system, to teach you about all the different dietary theories that are out there that pertain to your specific needs. I'm here to help you learn how to incorporate them into a working and enjoyable lifestyle for you!