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November 28, 2017

I am crock pot OBSESSED.

I think because I don't enjoy cooking anything with more than 5 steps and less than 10 ingredients.

Or maybe because of how stressless they make cooking.

In any case, I highly suggest you take a look at this crock pot guide. They have come a long way, offering not just a variety in shapes size and color, but also functionality.

Decide which one will make a great addition to your home to make living a healthy life, not just doable, but enjoyable!

Click on the name or image of each crock to access it on Amazon!

The mini crock:  

For just over $10, this little mini is must have. Perfect for singles, or a couple, you don't have to wrestle a larger crock. But my persona fave for this is to keep dips, sauces, and fondues warm. Melt chocolate paired with fruit for a date night, keep your thanksgiving gravy warm until ready to serve, or through together a soup serving one for a night in watching netflix.


The all in one crock:

Like the oh so popular Insta Pot, this crock pot do...

November 22, 2017

So much stuff, so little money and space. Why fill your home with more clutter and things to collect dust. It's just going to cause feelings of guilt, stress and overwhelm. So when it comes to shopping this season, make healthy choices for sanity sake.

Anything I am recommending is sure to be useful and impactful. Here are my top must haves from a BALANCED REALISTIC MINIMALIST health coach!!!

Click on the titles to be directed to amazon!

1. No Name Brand Insta Pot: This thing does it all! Cook shredded chicken in 15

minutes, hard boiled eggs with out boiling water, slow cook, fast cook, the possibilities are endless. I choose this no name brand to save on cost BUT also because you can choose either the 6, 10, or 12 liter size! Look up "instapot" on pinterest and you'll see that everyone and their mother is using these, and like a crock pot, they won't go out of fashion.

2. Paleo Insta Pot Cook Book: While there are tons of free recipes out there, I love having a resource like this that I kn...

November 20, 2017

We totally anticipate and expect feeling terrible after eating a holiday meal!! Why is that?!?

1. It's often not because we over ate, it's because of WHAT we ate.

Decide to make some healthy swaps in your recipes to lighten not just the calories and fat gaining repercussions, but to also feel good and guilt free when its all said and done.

Perhaps you're thinking well what fun is that!? Just consider that you can have all the food items and as much as you want, if you follow these few simple substitutes. 

Yes you CAN have butter, salt, and all the other flavorful things you're afraid will make our plate taste like cardboard otherwise. The trick is to serve them on the side that people can add as they wish. This way those ingredients hit your tongue and a little goes a long way, vs being saturated throughout, requiring heaps more to be incorporated to taste them! This is what we call a "#HealthHack"!


Broth/ stock: Use this to moisten your stuffing instead of butter. Also sub...

November 20, 2017

What IF You Did Intermittent Fasting?.

There is a lot of talk lately about Intermittent Fasting (IF),

(Ah, that "IF" in the title wasn't​ a typo after all)

but what is it really?

What can you eat?

When can you eat?

Is IF actually healthy?

How safe is it?

As we dig into these questions, 

let's make sure we are all on the same page 

with what IF really is.

In a nut shell, Intermittent Fasting

simply focuses on the time frames of 

when you do and don't eat.

IF ("IF" from here on out... I promise)

Is not a diet. 

It has less to do with "what" you eat, 

than "when".

When it comes to the "when", 

there are a quite a few options to choose from,

though the "Leangains Protocol" seems to be 

the most popular.

This is where you give yourself a consistent 

window to eat each day, 

(typically 8 hours, skipping breakfast)

and a block of nothing but zero calorie fluids

(subsequently 16 hours, beginning after dinner.)

Because IF is not a diet, 

there are no dietary restrictions.

That being said, gorging yourself during 

eating tim...

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