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When it comes to seeking a more prosperous lifestyle, we often don't have time to invest or have support in our home and work places. You'll find both here.

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Definition: Lifer

[lahy-fer]  noun, Slang.

1. A person interested in creating a lifestyle, not a quick fix or momentary improvement.

2. Someone who accepts there will be ups and downs but never failures, just opportunities to learn.

3. A collection of individuals  who are like minded: motivated to grow, wanting to be the best version of themselves, that want to help others in the process of their own journey.



Highlights of the group:

1. Monthly team calls facilitated by me! Topics will vary and its your opportunity to speak with me directly to have your most important questions addressed. Join us by phone, or preferably by face using a free app thats user friendly! 

2. Exclusive tips, health hacks (tricks), product reviews and suggestions, and pep talks all through out the week!

3. Tools such as grocery shopping lists and meal prepping guides.

4. Monthly challenges: keep it motivating and learn things along the way by participating in our monthly challenges. You’re never obligated to participate but it will be hard to stay away with how good they are!

5. Give aways: I don't believe in giving away clutter so any give is guaranteed to be one of my top recommended tools or one of my fave items!

6. Book club: sounds corny right? But seriously, personal development is one of your most valuable yet under utilized gifts to yourself! But as always, I will cut to the chase for you so we will be going through books that are impactful but brief! You’ll basically get to consume the cliff notes version, bc our lifers are notorious for “not having the time to read”.

7. Recipes: how many of these do you have saved to Pinterest or in a kitchen drawer, knowing you’ll never get to them? Not only will you receive some awesome recipes, but through coaching strategies in the group, you’re actually going to make them!


The problem with free groups: 

1. There’s no skin in the game! By you investing a little something, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable and not take it for granted. You work hard for your money, so investing it in yourself will keep you on track. Plus think about the rest of the community involved…….. We want to surround ourselves with like minded people that are also committed to living a prosperous healthy life. By them having skin in the game too, our community will naturally attract quality lifers!

2. They are unmonitored! nothing drives me more crazy than when I read a comment in a free group of one person telling the other person they “can’t have” creamer in their coffee, or such and such isn’t “allowed”!! I’m like, and where did this rule come from!? If you’re going to tell someone to do or not do something, you better come prepared with an explanation!

3. I have the most transformational experiences when I have been under promised and over delivered. How much support and content can one actually receive when it doesn’t cost a thing? I want to provide an awesome tool for my lifers that EVERYONE can afford. By me working smarter and not harder, I can leverage the group atmosphere to provide all of you quality and quantity, with out it taking a ton of my family and self care time. *Tip: thats just one of the things you learn from our group…. how to work with your resources so you can become better with out requiring more!


I could go on but I think you get the point! Where else can you get this many perks, with this much quality……….. for $10 a month!?!?!?

Become a lifer!

Join to have 24hr access to me and my inner circle on our exclusive Facebook group page. Get my latest videos, private live coaching, special programs just for my lifers, and much more! Share your triumphs and receive praise and motivation from the people that are just like you! You will love having a private space that you can pose your questions and bounce around your thoughts about your journey. Draw strength from each other and know you’ll be supported by people who can help you grow and give you practical and legit guidance!

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Jamie B.

"An amazing resource & supportive community that has assisted in me becoming more self-aware! I've been able to bounce ideas off of others, find support, get answers to questions, find & share recipes, join the challenges, and much much more!"

Silvie S.

"In my busy life, I need resources that are practical & useful to help me live a healthy lifestye. I used to put things that are not an immediate concern on a  back burner but now seek accountability, easily accessible resources and support because wellness is important to me. Our Lifers group meets all of those needs and sets up the stage for me to be successful on my health journey. It's doable, affordable and inspiring."

Darren K.

"As a young professional in a career that feels non-stop at times, this group has created a comfortable environment to hold myself accountable and learn new ways to be able to implement a healthy lifestyle in the "real world". Sarah does a great a job finding innovative ways to give us more access to new information that we can use in a non time-consuming manner!"