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My Story:

The healthy woman you see now didn't come from good genetics or an athletic background. Growing up as one of six kids on food stamps, you can imagine the word ‘nutrition’ was never mentioned in my family. Unfortunately, like many families, mine struggled with weight and health issues.

 After high school I did my best for nutrition with what little knowledge I had. I began working in the health and wellness field but quickly became caught up in the drive to be successful. By my early 20s I was running a full-time business and became a workaholic. I had blinders on for building a beautiful life – but because of my imbalance in life- the walls collapsed in on me. 

Suddenly l found my relationships and my health were failing. Although I thought I was eating well at the time, I still fought a horrible sugar addiction. I found myself emotionally binge eating in the evenings. Despite making time for my one emotional outlet, the gym, I was gaining weight rapidly. The worst part was how no one in my life knew my internal struggle. 

I was so concerned over the weight gain and my extreme fatigue that I went to the doctors. Yet after testing my blood for a month, the only thing they could do was recommend ‘pre-diabetic medication’. I was a little over weight sure, but I didn't think I was that far gone! At that point aside from the occasional evening sugar binge, I thought I was “doing everything right”.

That’s when I took off the blinders. I needed balance in my life. I realized there was no point in having one thing – such as a successful business – without having the other meaningful things in life as well. 

That’s when I embarked on this journey; making health and wellness, nutrition and balance my own personal mission. Thats where the real story began! 

For ten years I was my own test dummy.  I’ve tried it all! I loved paleo….…but I love peanut butter! And that’s a paleo “no-no” and I simply don’t want to live in a world that doesn’t include peanut butter! I could have taken stock in Amazon when I tried the Mircobiome Diet because of the complicated formula of concoctions and supplements that were required! I’ve measured and recorded my macros down to the gram, and shamed myself when I went just 10 grams of carbohydrates over my “allotment”. I think I am still traumatized over eating cold fish and asparagus out of plastic tupperware 6 times a day like many of the traditional body building clean eating plans include. Gluten and dairy free: while I felt great physically, I found it so hard to avoid every bit that I no longer was able to enjoy date night out with my hubby!


While in the middle of those diets and “healthy eating” plans, I enjoyed many aspects, I realize nowI had just traded one rat race for another. Do any of those diets sound balanced to you!? I was tired of yo-yoing. I was tired of the emotional roller coaster. One day I would look in the mirror with a smile loving what I saw, and the very next day I would be disappointed and have a negative talk with myself in my head. Figuring this all out was time consuming, I just wanted desperately to not have to invest so much time and energy into it.  I had no one to talk to for guidance or support: all my mentors and coaches subscribed to one particular way of eating so I didn't feel I could get unbiased advice with out “getting into trouble”.  I gave up quality time with my husband in order to avoid situations where I would be tempted by food and drinks. I remember thinking “What is the point to having my dream physique and regular bowl moments if I don’t enjoy the process. Isn't it about having a happy prosperous life, why I cared so much from the beginning?”…….


And that is when I transformed. 


I believe life happens FOR us not TO us. I now realize that my back story set me up for the journey of experiments and discovery. What happened through the process of trying everything under the sun is that I discovered ME!!! I found all the nuances, health hacks (tricks), and guidelines to fit me: my body, my life style, my habits, my preferences! Living a healthy life style became sustainable and I thrived! Not by starting and stopping, yo-yoing, and falling off just to climb back on the wagon. I embraced the journey for being just that.


Why throw the baby out with the bath water? If parts of one diet or nutritional theory suit YOUR bodies specific needs, then keep those parts, but keep tweaking. Keep going. Keep evolving. Have fun with it! This is about discovery, this about YOU!

And that’s why I say DITCH the Dogma. Forget the silly rules. Who made up all this stuff anyway?!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to live in overwhelm! 

I can say that whole heartedly because I did it! I broke free!

Now I live balanced & fulfilling life – and when I am unbalanced I can acknowledge why I am and where I am at and use it as a growth opportunity to continue to get better and better. 

So let’s figure this out together. I’ve put together so many fun, simplified yet transformative resources here for you. This is the best of the best of what I’ve learned over the past 10 years. Let me be your encyclopedia of healthy living and I’ll be your mentor and coach to help you set goals and define an easy and enjoyable path to balance and abundance!

Health and Blessings,

Sarah A.



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