Meet Sarah


I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Business Leader, Christian, and wife, obsessed with living life to the fullest, giving back, and empowering others to prosper! I'm not the hippy dippy health nut nor am I the no creamer in your coffee nazi: I am just a product of my own life experiences here to offer mentoring to those who are looking for a support system, someone to break it down for them, to simplify it, and to help them ditch the dogma of healthy living and just live a fulfilling happy life.

Recipes & tips 


My lifer ( someone looking for a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility) is busy! They want to pack life with lots of experiences and good things! So my goal is to give health tips and recipes that are easy, fast, and effective! 

Coaching and Community


Whether you just need a little support or need a total overhaul in your life, I have something to fit your needs and budget.  All of my support is based on helping you find fulfillment and balance in life, not just the superficial stuff like how to read a label (although we can start there). I empower and mentor using tons of techniques, not just preach or dictate rules and information.